Challenge: Aging, soon-to-be unsupported tape infrastructure, but limited capital funds to modernize

Objective: Affordable virtual tape solution

Industry: Manufacturing

Solution: PSR’s Mainframe Virtual Tape as a Service Bundle moved the customer from a CapEx to an OpEx financial model while providing a modern virtual tape infrastructure.


Committed to mainframes, this manufacturing client was looking for ways to improve their operational and financial position for delivering mainframe services. Prior attempts to move from physical tape were derailed by the size of the necessary investment.

Management was open to new options that would modernize their tape environment without requiring significant upfront strains on their budget.


PSR performed a tape modernization study, which analyzed the organization’s existing tape environment. The results led to PSR proposing a virtual tape infrastructure based on the Luminex Mainframe Virtual Tape solution. The project was put forward as a subscription service, not a hardware purchase.


A modernized virtual tape solution through a monthly service charge that significantly improves their operational efficiency and business resiliency at a comparable cost to the existing situation.

  • Implementation of a state-of-the-art virtual tape solution in five weeks, including vaulting at a second site by using PSR’s Data Center.
  • Removal of time-intensive and cost-intensive tape handling.
  • Elimination of management concerns over potential problems associated with an aging tape infrastructure.
  • Ability to stay within budget for this aspect of infrastructure and keep prices predictable.
  • Greatly improved performance times for backup and recovery.