Luminex MVTi Bundle Promo

Applies to IBM 3592/J70/C06/C07

Available as a monthly fee with PSR DR Services or low cost purchase.

Complete Mainframe Virtual Tape Solution: Hardware, Software, Installation, & Migration

  • Replace aging physical tape and eliminate offsite tape management and operator costs
  • Reduce costs for support, power, space & cooling
  • Significantly improve Recovery Point & Recovery Time Objectives with backups at DR 24x
  • On-site installation & training
  • Two MVTi enterprise-class mainframe virtual tape systems
  • Up to 8Gb FICON connectivity
  • 22TB of virtual tape storage in only 2U of rack space
  • 256 virtual tape devices, supporting most tape management systems
  • Virtual tape replication between production & DR systems
  • Replication monitoring at the VOLSER level
  • Push Button Disaster Recovery feature
  • Tape migration from old to new z/OS environments (up to 20,000 tapes) using remote services
  • Three years of 24×7 on-site warranty support (most locations)
  • Hosting options for your replicated data:
         Use your existing DR provider or PSR hosting with DR services
         PSR can create physical tapes for use with an existing DR provider
  • Encryption options and higher storage capacity available
  • PSR hosting includes a 100 MB/s IP connection compatible with most secure (encrypted) VPN tunnel services

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  • Orders must be received by April 30, 2017
  • 3592/J70/C06/C07 trade-in products must be returned to Luminex