Challenge: Optimize mainframe recovery times to compete in new industry

Objective: Increase mainframe capacity to meet industry requirements and establish reliable reputation

Industry: Manufacturing

Solution: Implement new mainframe with offsite-replicated, hybrid flash storage


A raw materials supplier wanted to expand into the automotive industry and form a reputation for being a viable supplier in the marketplace. The customer needed to prove that their mainframe had acceptable recovery point and recovery time periods to meet industry requirements and attract new clients. However, the customer operated on the smallest mainframe system available and had no backup in place.


The PSR team worked with the client to determine industry-acceptable recovery times and identify the technology that would enable it.

PSR proposed a technology refresh of the IBM z System mainframe at the primary production site, implementing a new zBC12. To ensure rapid recovery times, PSR proposed a DS8870 storage solution coupled with the creation of a second mainframe data center leveraging IBM Global Mirror. This would enable near real-time data replication to a DS8870 as a backup solution. Additionally, PSR offered to completely configure and connect the mainframe, the DS8870s, and the Global Mirror, and to perform extensive testing and mock recovery sessions to follow through on their promises of and commitment to extraordinary results.


With the new solution in place, the customer was able to demonstrate that they could meet industry-specified recovery times and, therefore, be a reputable and reliable choice in automotive materials supply. In the event of an issue at the primary data center, the client can now resume production processing from the second data center within minutes. Using replicated production data, the recovery point is near real-time. Manufacturing experiences little or no downtime in the event of a problem at the primary data center.

The client achieved their corporate objective on time and within budget, and is now a thriving supplier in the automotive industry.