Challenge: One last mission-critical application prevented the decommissioning of the mainframe

Objective: Retire the mainframe

Industry: Public Sector – Higher Education

Solution: Move the application to PSR’s hosted mainframe.


Many years into an effort to retire the mainframe at this major university, one final mission-critical application running on the mainframe had still not been migrated. The university client estimated that it could take up to several additional years to complete the effort.

Determining this timeline to be unacceptable, the CIO tasked his IT management to present alternatives to the continued support of not only an aging, back-leveled, and costly infrastructure, but also an expensive third party disaster recovery solution.

The IT team determined that the costs of upgrading their in-house infrastructure were prohibitive. Their technical environment caused traditional outsourcers to either decline to bid or to present unworkable financial terms. The university needed a fresh, affordable approach.


The PSR team worked with the client’s extended team to carefully define their technical, operational, and financial goals. The client wanted to retain responsibility for application support and daily operations, run on new infrastructure for less than existing costs, improve their DR position, and implement in less than six months.

PSR proposed to host the workload at their data center and implement a Luminex MVT virtual tape solution to replace the client’s aging tape library. This solution also allowed PSR to deliver a seamless DR solution via their second data center.


By moving workloads to the PSR data center, replacing an aging tape library, and providing DR services, the university reduced operational and management costs, as well as increased performance.

  • The university is running its mission-critical workload on a fully modernized infrastructure at a lower cost than the previous environment.
  • The user community experienced zero disruption in their use of this key application.
  • Their business resiliency measurably improved by using PSR’s Disaster Recovery Service.
  • The university’s data center space has been substantially freed up.
  • Project design, implementation, testing, and production cutover was successfully accomplished in four months.