Challenge: Disaster Recovery plan looked OK … on paper.

Objective: Business Resiliency through an affordable DR plan that actually works

Industry: Technology

Solution: PSR’s Disaster Recovery service


This technology company’s mainframe drives its business. It delivers data and analytics services to customers across the globe. If the mainframe were to go offline for any period of time, it would result in direct loss of revenue and significant customer dissatisfaction.

While a disaster recovery (DR) plan had been created, it turned out that the customer’s DR vendor, a major player in the DR space, could not successfully test it, despite repeated attempts. Identifying this as a major business risk, senior management sought expert help to remedy the situation.


PSR proposed to go to the DR vendor’s site to identify and resolve the issues. PSR experts were able to successfully do so in their initial visit, and were able to guide the very first successful recovery test. Based on this accomplishment, the client pursued a quote for PSR-provided DR.

Additionally, PSR identified issues with an incomplete DR test scenario and the existence and use of unencrypted customer data.


PSR established complete customer confidence in the resiliency of their mainframe applications and the confidentiality of their data management practices.

  • Provided a DR infrastructure at PSR’s data center.
  • Wrote a DR plan that recovers the client’s entire mainframe environment, which has been operationally successful over multiple DR tests.
  • Established processes for secure data management.