PSR is an authorized reseller of the entire suite of Luminex virtual tape solutions and is also the only Authorized Disaster Recovery Center (ADRC) for the Luminex MVT Vault solution. We offer innovative options for customers who require a cost-effective mainframe virtual tape product to:

  • Replace and upgrade older library technologies from STK, Bustech, and IBM.
  • Replace traditional tape vaulting solutions with off-site data vaulting.
  • Replace aging physical tape drives and cartridges and enable data replication.

The MVT Vault enables remote storage of a copy of mainframe tape data at a secure location via IP access. The vaults are ideal for customers who are facing the manufacturer’s 3490 or 3590 physical tape End of Support (EOS or Services Withdrawal). You can continue to run your existing mainframe tape applications, but use virtual 3490 or 3590 tape instead.

MVT Vault is available from PSR as a service. It can be added to existing PSR hosting or DR agreements or purchased by new PSR customers as a stand-alone service.

For additional technical information, visit Luminex’s page.