February 21, 2022

Despite the pressures of digital transformation, companies that use mainframes are sticking with them. Mainframes offer many advantages over other types of technology, including cost efficiency, reliability, and security. 

However, systems programming for mainframes has become a challenge. Many mainframe experts are reaching retirement age, and not many new systems programmers are entering the job market to replace them.  

Not only that, but the pandemic has forced almost everyone to work remotely, making skills transfer to new systems programmers a challenge. While an eventual return to the workplace had been predicted, many organizations are extending their use of a remote workforce as employees have come to expect the flexibility of work from home. 

Under these conditions, turning to remote systems programming for mainframes is ideal because it guarantees access to mainframe expertise and keeps your mainframe up to date and protected. 

Dedicated Mainframe Systems Programming Expertise 

Remote mainframe systems programming services provide you with a dedicated systems programmer who can access your mainframe through remote connectivity no matter where you are located. 

If you are a company that has experts who are nearing retirement, mainframe systems programming services give you peace of mind that you will have long-term expertise available. There is no need to go through a job search and the risk of recently hired systems programmers employees leaving for a new opportunity. Instead, the provider will have experts on staff who have depth and breadth of experience. The right partner will ensure that your dedicated systems programmer takes the time to get to know your business and its mainframe requirements and goals. 

Reliable Mainframe Protection 

During this time of remote work, finding the resources to protect your mainframe can be challenging. While mainframes are very reliable, they still need to be maintained and supported. 

Remote systems programming ensures that your mainframe is supported 24/7. The provider will have a team of experts who can access and support your mainframe around the clock wherever it is located. The ideal systems programming services provider will respond quickly and prioritize your requests for help.  

Support for your mainframe should include operating and application maintenance, troubleshooting, and resolution of issues. Systems programming services can also provide backup and disaster recovery services, as well as the resources for testing them to ensure they work when you need them. 

Getting the Most Out of Your Mainframe 

Optimizing your mainframe means keeping it up to date and enhancing it with the right supporting network. Remote systems programming services provide access to experts, making it easier to make updates, including upgrades and installation of IBM and third-party applications. 

The service provider can act as an additional resource in between your company, IBM, and any third-party vendors when hardware or software-related issues come up. The provider can also configure the network and carry out any system tuning. 

Finding the Right Remote Systems Programming Services 

Mainframes require specialized systems programming expertise, which is scarce in today’s workforce. You’ll need to partner with a company that is focused on mainframes to get everything you need out of remote systems programming. 

PSR has been providing mainframe systems programming services since 1981 as part of our focus on mainframes. An IBM Platinum Partner, we are the only IBM Partner that focuses exclusively on the mainframe. 

We offer various Service Plan options designed for companies with different usage requirements. At PSR, we take the time to get to know your mainframe environment at no charge to you. We provide your company with a dedicated systems programmer and make your needs a priority. 

Get the details on the PSR Mainframe Systems Programming Service Plan. Access our solution brief