As a trusted IBM business partner, PSR is an authorized vendor allowed to sell and distribute IBM 4767-002 CryptoCards.

The latest generation of the iconic IBM cryptographic coprocessor sets the standard for withstanding physical and logistical attacks. Through PSR, we make it easy to purchase the 4767-002 Crypto so you can continue to keep your most sensitive workloads safe and secure.

What Is a CryptoCard?

A CryptoCard is a hardware security module (HSM) that protects and manages your digital keys. While the 4767-002 Crypto is a mainframe card, it plugs into a regular PC computer to interface with the mainframe.

The 4767-002 CryptoCard is available for select IBM Z, x86, and Power mainframes, and features two different cryptographic APIs.

IBM Common Cryptographic Architecture (CCA) provides cryptographic functions geared to the finance industry, supporting online payment applications, credit card transactions, point of sale systems, and ATM services.

The IBM Enterprise PKCS #11 API is designed for general-purpose, secure-key only cryptographic functions. It is suited for a wide range of businesses and industries where servers may be in distributed environments that make it difficult to provide complete physical security for sensitive data processing.

How to Purchase the 4767-002 CryptoCard

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