LinuxONE is a scalable enterprise-class solution for Linux which is designed to securely and reliably run more transactions faster while alleviating fears about data security and privacy. For enterprises reluctant to move their highly sensitive data, infrastructure, and networks to the cloud LinuxONE is a viable alternative. With IBM’s release of the open-source LinuxONE, enterprises can now enjoy the flexibility and agility of an open-source platform in a hybrid environment. 

The Power of LinuxONE

With up to 190 cores, 40 TB of memory and new features like the 19” frame, ultra-efficient iPDU, pervasive encryption, and the fastest commercially available processor, the LinuxONE is the undisputed powerhouse. 

It can single-handedly do the work of nearly 2,000 x86 cores, scale out 2.4 million containers in a single system, and execute up to 1 trillion HTTPS transactions a day. It’s a scale-up and scale-out big impact data center in a box  with a small footprint, designed to fit into any on-premises or co-location data center. 

The LinuxONE III is fully redundant with no single point of failure, providing industry-leading levels of stability and availability.  Digital Transformation and massive consolidation of traditional x86 servers can be accomplished  by utilizing 5.2 Ghz cores and dedicated systems-assist processors with on-chip file compression that can compress data up to 42 times faster than traditional software compression.  This on-chip compression reduced storage needs and speeds data transfer rates without impacting response times. 

Always-On Service and Security

If a system goes down, that’s big trouble for business. The LinuxONE III is designed to provide up to 99.9999% or greater availability to keep your company continuously moving forward. With legendary IBM redundancy, it provides unprecedented reliability while delivering a security-rich environment. 

Security is virtually unmatched for your infrastructure and hybrid cloud environment. 100% of application data can be encrypted both at rest and in flight, thanks again to on-chip encryption acceleration and the availability of CryptoExpress. 

There are up to 40 terabytes or RAIM per system, and the LinuxONE will support both traditional and modern databases like Oracle, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL, Linux operating systems like Red Hat, Ubuntu, and SUSE, as well as Kubernetes and Docker containers. 

The following are reasons to consider LinuxONE: 

  • Eliminate server sprawl of too many underutilized distributed servers. 
  • Speed up implementation of new applications with scale-up provisioning. 
  • Limitations in data center power and floor space. 
  • Reduce software licensing and support expenses with an average x86 core consolidation of 10:1 

Link to IBM LinuxONE III Data Sheet 

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Ready for LinuxONE?

Take your enterprise to the next level with PSR and LinuxONE. Our technical experts can walk you through all the benefits of LinuxONE and help you easily integrate this system into your current ecosystem for a hybrid cloud solution offering the highest level of security, processing, and reliability. 

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