Virtual tape has long been a goal for many customers, but cost concerns and questions for how to integrate with existing disaster recovery (DR) processes have left many shops still using aging tape drives and cartridges.

In response to this challenge, PSR has partnered with Luminex to provide a Mainframe Virtual Tape as a Service bundle that finally makes virtual tape an affordable reality for everyone.

Our customers are replacing their aging physical tape drives with a 2U-rack-mounted server that performs IP replication of their mainframe data over a secure VPN tunnel. Offered as a subscription service, this solution includes all hardware and implementation with no capital investment needed.

  • This service uses a secure VPN connection for most environments, which means no dedicated network bandwidth charges.
  • It allows you to cancel off-site tape rotation services.
  • Combined with optional PSR Mainframe Disaster Recovery, the service places your data at our DR site for immediate recovery.
  • Use our vault service even if you have another third-party DR service provider. We can create physical tapes for you to bring to your DR provider.

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