PSR is an IBM Z Premier Systems Business Partner that has been hosting customer mainframes for years. Unlike traditional outsourcing, we have embraced a customer-centric, Infrastructure as a Service model.

Why Our IaaS Solution?

  1. Our customers maintain production control of their workloads.
  2. Workloads run on the latest and fastest mainframe processors, enterprise disk, and virtual tape systems.
  3. We operate many versions of z/OS, zVM, and zVSE in both supported and unsupported versions.
  4. PSR offers a disaster recovery and data replication service bundle. This service replicates to our secondary site.

Run your production workloads at PSR just as you do today in your own data center. We don’t force you to change the software to work with us. You maintain control over managing your mainframe application workloads.

Flexible Options for Your Mainframe Environment

  • Use PSR’s current generation mainframe, disk systems, and physical/virtual tape infrastructure.
  • Colocate your mainframe processor at the PSR Data Center using our modern storage.
  • Easily opt-in for disaster recovery, data replication, and virtual tape library services.
  • A great option for IBM PartnerWorld for Developer Members (PWD) who require a dedicated CPU.

We offer dedicated and shared multi-tenant mainframe environments. With either solution, you enjoy physical site savings, while gaining access to the latest storage solutions.

Subscription-based pricing allows you to avoid capital expense. This can be particularly helpful if your company is moving away from the mainframe.

PSR manages all the details of relocating your workload as is. Your users will not even know they have been moved. We offer many different managed services to help your business thrive.

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