Across the US there is a small group of IBM Z Business Partners. But, PSR is the only IBM Business Partner that focuses exclusively on the IBM mainframe. In fact, that’s been the story since we opened our doors in 1981. For almost 40 years we’ve offered our customers expert mainframe support, honest sales, and unparalleled service.

What to Expect When Investing in an IBM Mainframe with PSR

Our customers span from coast-to-coast, and each one receives support and attention catered specifically to their business. When you buy an IBM Z server from us you can count on:

  1. A Painless Mainframe Installation and Migration

    With our unique, proven, one-of-a-kind implementation approach you can trust that your installation and migration will be stress-free. We configure it, integrate it, and even let you test your mainframe in our data center before we install it in yours. The result? You’re ready to run the moment you switch it on, eliminating the disruption, frustration, downtime, and added cost of having a technician at your site for weeks or months.

  2. Acquisition, Financing, and Billing Expertise that Saves You Money

    Mainframe is all we do, and we take the time to understand your specific requirements, now and going forward. Armed with this knowledge, we are constantly reviewing IBM’s pricing structure and promotions to get the best prices available for your specific mainframe needs.

  3. Personalized Service Based on a Long-term Relationship

    PSR doesn’t hand the care of your data center over to an outsourced technical staff. We’ve cultivated our own staff with over 300 years of collective experience on IBM mainframe systems. Our experts immerse themselves in understanding your shop. When you want help, you’ll get it from someone who knows your environment.

Understanding IBM Z Systems

IBM z14 ZR1

IBM began formally shipping the new single-frame z14 ZR1 and LinuxONE LR1 on 5/31/18. These new single-frame models deliver up to 30 available processor cores, 8TB of memory, and the capabilities of z14 with a smaller 19” industry-standard footprint (one floor tile!), offering 10% more capacity than its z13s predecessor while occupying 40% less space. The z14 family is the only platform capable of delivering 100% encryption of data without any application changes, due to a significantly improved encryption accelerator.

The new ZR1 and LR1 models feature the option of having 16U of free rack space to embed other equipment within the frame, such as IBM’s 1U Hardware Management Console, a Trusted Key Entry (TKE) Workstation, Storage, or even x86 servers to further conserve data center space. The strategy behind these new servers enables the investment protection of enterprise applications from internal and external threats with the very best qualities of service.

IBM z14

The new IBM z14 delivers improved security, insights, and a connected ecosystem designed for the trust economy. It provides secure data and transactions that enable data to serve as the new perimeter across the value chain, with continuous intelligence driven by machine learning to personalize and elevate your customer experiences, all delivered through an open and connected enterprise cloud that allows you to extend, connect, and innovate.

The z14 features up to 35% more capacity with up to 32TB of system memory and up to 16TB per LPAR, with a fault-tolerant redundant array of independent memory. The z14’s redesigned L1 and L2 cache architecture deliver 1.5x more on-chip cache per core.

zEC13 Mainframe

IBM zEnterprise EC13

IBM’s enterprise-class zEnterprise EC13 is built to meet the demands of information-centric IT with efficiency at scale, operational analytics, and ultimate security. With 50% more total capacity than its predecessor and support for LINUX workloads, the zEC13 lets you scale traditional workloads while also consolidating hundreds of distributed systems onto a single machine.

The new IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator offers a 2000x faster query response time in support of real time analytics. With high-speed cryptography integrated on tamper-resistant hardware, you can protect your data and conduct business with the highest level of integrity and trust.