The mainframe is here to stay. The mainframe is going away.

Wherever you find yourself on this continuum, circumstances may force your hand. For situations where you need mainframe support consider using PSR’s Managed Mainframe Services. Our managed services cover your mainframe processor, storage, and tape infrastructure needs.

Making the Business Case for Managed Mainframe Services

We have helped many customers with their business cases, including situations in which:

  • Investing in aging mainframe technology isn’t a priority. Meanwhile processing capacity isn’t adequate for your business.
  • The mainframe you operate is running fine, but support for the hardware is ending.
  • Your 3 year plan to move off the mainframe is now in year 5. The resulting neglect has caused your unsupported mainframe environment to become too costly.
  • You need help with new requirements for mainframe data replication or mainframe disaster recovery.

PSR will help you analyze the operational, technical, and financial case for managed services, allowing you to decide how to best manage mainframe workloads in a cost effective manner. We can even help with mainframe systems programming. Whether you to choose in house or PSR resources, our team is ready to help.

Our mainframe managed services include:

Mainframe Hosting and Co-Location
Mainframe Disaster Recovery
Mainframe Virtual Tape

Why PSR’s Managed Services?

Why would you turn to us to manage your various mainframe environments? Founded in 1981, we have been providing mainframe support exclusively for over 35 years.

At PSR, we also run our own mainframe environment. We have a number of IBM Z Systems in operation for various workloads and cloud services. Many providers may be certified and trained in IBM Z. Our team knows how to keep the environment running at optimal performance on a daily basis.

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Newer technologies and an increasing skills gap may tempt you to abandon your mainframe. Before making that move, you should consider managed mainframe services to help take your mainframe into the future.

5 Key Benefits of a Managed Mainframe