Relocating Your Mainframe

PSR is an IBM Premier Systems Business Partner with extensive experience hosting customer mainframes. We offer a customer-centric Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model as an alternative to traditional mainframe outsourcing.

PSR’s Mainframe Hosting and Co-location services provide:

  • A choice of dedicated or multitenant mainframe environments
  • Access to many supported and unsupported versions of z/OS, z/VM, and z/VSE
  • Options for disaster recovery, data replication, and virtual tape library
  • The ability to run workloads on fast mainframe processors, enterprise-class drives, and virtual tape systems

IaaS for Mainframe

Use the cloud to house your company’s mainframe while using the software you currently rely on for production workloads. Subscription pricing allows you to avoid capital expenses.

Mainframe Co-location

House your mainframe in PSR’s data center for access to the latest mainframe technology. We take care of all necessary updates.

Migration Assistance

Get expert help moving your mainframe workloads. We eliminate downtime for a seamless user experience during migration.

Taking Your Mainframe Off-Premises

Reach out to PSR to explore options for hosting your mainframe in the cloud or at a physical co-location.

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