IBM LinuxONE for Oracle Workloads

Recent surveys show that CIOs are focused on cost optimization and productivity improvements. Because Oracle is a dominant database, the potential exists to dramatically reduce expenses. Use cases with IBM LinuxONE consolidation show a 77% licensing and support savings compared to Exadata, as well as reduced energy use and server sprawl.

Oracle supports LinuxONE using RHEL or SUSE. The unbeatable combination of the world’s fastest processor, LPAR level licensing, built-in compression, encryption, and proven high-availability alternatives make LinuxONE a platform worth evaluating before undertaking an Exadata, UCS, Dell, or HP upgrade.

Watch the webinar IBM LinuxONE for Oracle Workloads, presented by Terry Ginther of IBM, and learn:

  • Why you should consider IBM LinuxONE for Oracle
  • How LinuxONE is supported by Oracle
  • How LinuxONE for Oracle reduces expenses
  • How to increase availability with LinuxONE for Oracle

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Meet Your Speaker

This webinar was given by Terry Ginther, Global Data Serving SME at IBM. Terry’s experience working for Oracle allows him to provide a unique perspective in this 40-minute webinar.