PSR offers more than just a mainframe infrastructure to recover your environment. We provide decades of DR technical and operational expertise.

As you begin to develop a disaster recovery solution, it is important to understand how long it will take your organization to get back up and running, or Recovery Time Objective (RTO), as well as the latest period of data which can be recovered, or Recovery Point Objective (RPO). With PSR Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), improvements to both RPO and RTO can be accomplished with data replication technology, including Global Mirror, Metro Mirror, and Flash Copy. Disaster Recovery data replication can take place from a hosted production mainframe at PSR or your in-house mainframe system.

PSR will work with your organization to understand your needs and develop a solution to exceed your expectations.

  • Mainframe Disaster Recovery services are developed by systems programmers frustrated by major vendor offerings that lacked strong services and expertise.
  • Work with a dedicated PSR Systems Programming Expert who will get to know your environment thoroughly and what it will take to recover your system.
  • PSR offers generous and flexible test time.
  • If you decide to go off the mainframe, cancel your DR service without charge.
  • Subscription-based model priced to fit the smallest customer.
  • Optionally co-locate your own non-mainframe equipment at PSR for DR usage.
  • No travel needed to PSR site. Just ship us your tapes, and we’ll restore them at no charge

Message Our Mainframe Experts

Whether it’s a test or a real disaster, DR is not simple. When something does not work, you need mainframe experts who can understand and fix the problem immediately – especially if the systems programmer who always traveled on the test has retired!

You can count on PSR to help with whatever it takes to ensure your disaster recovery plan is real, actionable, and supported!

Discover why disaster recovery from PSR is the best option for your mainframe.