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PSR wants our customers and clients to have access to current information about mainframes. Use our content as a resource for answering all your questions about mainframes.

Case Studies

Migrating to a Hosted Mainframe

Support Challenge:  A city government office was running critical property tax workloads on an N-4 mainframe, end-of-service DASD, and an

Replacing a Retiring Mainframe Systems Programmer

Scenario: The company’s mainframe systems programmer, John, had worked at the firm for over 35 years, and had significant technical, operational, and institutional knowledge.

System Upgrade from z800 Ensures Ongoing Support

Scenario: The customer had been operating for some time with an unsupported zOS release, and had concluded that it was not upgradeable.

Mainframe Disk Replication

Scenario: A raw materials supplier wanted to expand into the automotive industry and form a reputation for being a viable supplier in the marketplace.

Retiring a Mainframe

Scenario: Many years into an effort to retire the mainframe at this major university, one final mission-critical application running on the mainframe had still not been migrated.

Finding the Right Mainframe Skills at the Right Price

Scenario: The planned retirement of this finance and insurance company’s system programmer presented the CIO with the challenge of finding a replacement candidate.

A Disaster Recovery Plan that Works

Scenario: This technology company’s mainframe drives its business. It delivers data and analytics services to customers across the globe.

Affordable Mainframe Virtual Tape

Scenario: Committed to mainframes, this manufacturing client was looking for ways to improve their operational and financial position for delivering mainframe services.


5 Key Benefits of Managed Mainframe

If you don’t think first of mainframes when someone asks you for a list of key modern technologies, you are not alone. Some are surprised that mainframes even continue to exist at all. But they do, and for a good reason: no other machine matches the mainframe’s sheer processing power and efficiency or ability to process massive amounts of data.

Sell Sheets

Hosting & Co-Location

PSR hosts your mainframe workload using an Infrastructure as a Service model (IaaS). We provide the MIPS on either a dedicated or multitenant mainframe along with the software, disk storage, and virtual tape needed to support your environment.

Systems Programming

PSR offers two Service Plan options, which provide identical features while meeting different usage needs.

Disaster Recovery

PSR Mainframe Disaster Recovery Services were developed by Systems Programmers who were frustrated with their test and recovery experiences at major providers. PSR offers multiple Disaster Recovery Plan Subscriptions that fit whatever your particular requirements and time frame may be.


How to Get the Most From Your Mainframe

Companies that still use mainframes may feel like their system’s days are numbered. But mainframes are still going strong, as made clear by Gartner analysts in the report, You Know You Don’t Have to Leave the Mainframe.

Blog Articles

5 Options for Mainframe Disaster Recovery

In the past, almost all mainframe customers brought physical tapes from off-site storage to a third-party hot site to restore

3 Ways to Modernize the Mainframe

Mainframes are often thought of as legacy technology, conjuring up images of greenscreens filled with code. However, many of today’s

What Red Hat OpenShift Brings to the Mainframe

In 2021, IBM announced the release of Red Hat OpenShift 4.7. This release was exciting news for mainframe users because