System Build

Stop putting off system upgrades. Make a trauma-free, downtime-free migration with PSR SystemBuild

What is SystemBuild?

Is your mainframe operating system long out of date – so out of date that it’s no longer supported?

Are you missing out on the improved performance and features in the latest system upgrade?

Is your programming staff spending more and more time keeping your system running and less and less time working on projects that can move your business forward?

You’re not alone.

Too many businesses let fear of costly surprises keep them from upgrading their mainframe OS. But PSR’s SystemBuild for z/VM, z/VSE, and z/OS lets you move up to the productivity and performance of the latest OS without the staff strain, downtime, and unforeseen problems typically associated with OS migrations.

With SystemBuild, your migration is staged, integrated, and tested off-site – and then delivered to your site fully customized and ready to run.

Why Let PSR Migrate Your System?

Let PSR pre-stage, pre-integrate, and pre-tune your migration at our site

We stage your entire migration in our ServerAssure Center on duplicates of your site’s mainframe, software, and storage configurations. We pre-integrate the migration with your infrastructure, customize it to meet your specific requirements, and tune it for optimal performance on your system.

Test the build remotely and completely, before production

Test your build via remote dial-in or Internet connection so that you can spot and correct any problems or conflicts before we deliver the final build. This is also a great way to pre-train your people on the new operating system before its deployed.

Make the final switch to your site in minutes – without downtime

The final cutover takes minutes and is truly a turnkey event: All of your software and storage is immediately live on the new system. It all happens without incident or downtime. In fact, most of your users will notice improved system response and performance immediately.

Maximize your resources and minimize you costs

With SystemBuild, your people don’t have to set time aside for backups, restores, and other migration-related chores. They stay productive throughout the entire migration process. And because you don’t pay software and maintenance charges until the cutover to your site, you avoid costly double charges typically associated with onsite migrations.

Get everything – including follow-up support – for a reasonable, fixed price

A single price covers the entire migration – plus 30 days of post-production, 24/7, one-hour response time support from your PSR Systems Manager.

Get Your SystemBuild Migration Quickly

PSR performs hundreds of SystemBuild migrations every year. Our experience slashes migration time from months down to weeks or even days. Stop struggling with an outdated OS. Call PSR today at 781-830-1300 to learn how you can migrate and start getting the most of your mainframe investment.