IBM Corporation

PSR has been an IBM Premier Business Partner for over 20 years and is one of a select few business partners in the US fully authorized to sell IBM Z servers and software solutions.  As an IBM Storage business partner PSR has been designated by IBM as a  Specialty Partner as we market enterprise disk and tape solutions which attach to IBM Z servers.  PSR’s focus on the mainframe makes us a great solution for your IBM Z server and storage requirements. IBM and PSR are great partners as every PSR client has an IBM mainframe of some type.


As the only Authorized Disaster Recovery Center (ADRC) for the Luminex MVT Vault solution, we offer an innovative solution for customers who require a cost-effective mainframe virtual tape product.

The MVT Vault enables remote storage of a copy of mainframe tape data at a secure location via IP access. Your data is available immediately and can be remotely monitored or audited using the vault’s inventory audit capability.

MVT Vault is available from PSR as a service. It can be added to existing PSR hosting or DR agreements or purchased by new PSR customers as a stand-alone service.

Computer Associates

Having working with most of these products since our founding in 1981, our sales and technical professionals are fully knowledgeable on Computer Associates’ zVSE, zVM, and zOS software portfolio.

As an authorized CA Business Partner, PSR stands ready to help you with:

  • Your evaluation and acquisition of Computer Associates Mainframe Software Products.
  • Your maintenance renewals upon expiration of any existing contracts.
  • Quotes for your existing CA products when upgrading your CPU.
  • PSR professionals know and work with CA software every day and are readily available to assist you.